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Redundancy pay calculator

This tool will help you to work out how much you should be paid as statutory redundancy pay if you lose your job through redundancy. Of course you may be entitled to more than this if your employer has more generous policies on redundancy or your union negotiates a better deal, but this can tell you the minimum you can expect.

To calculate your entitlement, please fill in the fields below then select the Submit button:


You need 2 years service to qualify for statutory redundancy pay.

Notes: When calculating statutory redundancy pay, a cap is imposed on weekly pay value and number of years service, which may limit the amount you receive if you normally earn more or have been working for your employer for a long time. This calculator is only intended as a guide in cases where statutory redundancy pay is appropriate. You may not be entitled to this at all, or may be entitled to more generous amounts, depending on individual circumstances.