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What if my employer tries to prevent me taking parental leave, or dismisses or disadvantages me for it?

You have the right to complain to an employment tribunal if your employer has unreasonably refused to let you take time off for dependants, unreasonably postponed your parental leave or has prevented or tried to prevent you from taking parental leave. You also have a separate right not to be dismissed or subjected to any unfavourable treatment other than dismissal (such as harassing you, downgrading your job or cutting your pay) because you have taken parental leave or time off for dependants or have tried to do so.

If you decide to make a complaint to a tribunal, you may well want to first complain to your employer (by putting your grievance in writing and giving it time to respond).

However, any complaint to an employment tribunal should be made within 3 months of the actions of your employer that you are complaining about. Otherwise, it is very unlikely that your complaint will be heard. If you are considering making a complaint, get advice from a union rep, a solicitor or another specialist adviser.