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My partner is adopting. Am I entitled to Ordinary Paternity Leave?

You are entitled to paid Ordinary Paternity Leave if:

  • you have been continuously employed by your current employer for 26 weeks or more when your partner is notified that they have been matched with a child; and
  • you are either married to, or are the partner of, the person adopting the child; and
  • you expect to have the main responsibility, along with the person adopting the child, for the upbringing of the adopted child.

You are entitled to take either one week or two consecutive weeks’ Ordinary Paternity Leave. The period in which you must take your leave will begin on the day the child is placed with the adopting parent and will finish 56 days after that date. Your leave period can start on:

  • the day the placement is made; or
  • a day which falls a certain number of days after the placement is made, as specified by you to your employer; or
  • a pre-determined date that falls after the first day of the week that the child is placed, which you specify to your employer.