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My employers say I'm not entitled to adoption leave because I'm not an employee. Is this correct?

Some working parents are not entitled to adoption leave, without anyone breaking the law. This is because not everyone who works for someone else is an employee in the eyes of the law. Some employers do try and circumvent their obligations by treating their staff as self-employed and you can even find that you are taxed as if you are employed but still denied the legal rights that an employee would enjoy. This is because, legally, you are a worker, not an employee.

If your employer tells you that you are a worker rather than an employee then you must seek legal advice. It is vital that you seek advice to be sure you get the leave and pay that is yours by rights.

If you find that you are a worker and not an employee, you will not receive any rights to time off. If you are a worker in a unionised workplace, you may find that your union has negotiated rights that cover both workers and employees you need to check your contract of employment and seek advice on this matter.