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If I go for a job interview, do I have to tell them that I'm pregnant?

No, you don't have to tell them anything. The fact that you are pregnant should not have any bearing on whether you are the right person for the job. You should never be asked questions regarding pregnancy or future plans to have children. If the employer does ask in the interview whether you are pregnant or plan to have children, this is strong evidence that the employer is in breach of the sex discrimination provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

If you feel that you have not been given a job on the grounds of your sex, or on any grounds relating to pregnancy or children then you may be able to take a claim against the employer who was interviewing you. You should seek legal advice as soon as possible from your union, your local Citizens Advice Bureau or law centre, or an employment lawyer.

If you get the job, legally you do not have to tell an employer that you are pregnant until the end of the 15th week before the baby is due, although you may want to tell them earlier to claim health and safety protection, or paid time-off for antenatal care. If you start a new job after the 15th week before the baby is due, then you should tell your employer immediately that you start.

If you change jobs during your pregnancy, then you will not qualify for SMP because you must have worked for the same employer for 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before the baby is due. However, you may qualify for Maternity Allowance.