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Business sectors here are classified by the UKs Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2003), which groups company activities into broad sectors and industries, and are broadly compatible with the international Eurostat and UN classifications. You can read more about SIC codes and groupings at the Office of National Statistics website.



The address given here is the registered office, but not neccessarily that company's actual head office. The company may have registered their lawyer or accountant's office here rather than their own day to day postal address, especially if they are a smaller company.



Financial data from this site are provided by Bureau Van Dijk, as a subset of the FAME UK & Ireland company information database. The data is supplied as a snapshot, updated annually. The last update was 1 July 2007, so this site will not reflect changes to FAME since that date. For up to the minute financial data, information on more companies, and more extensive categories of information, visit www.bvdep.com or e-mail dan.white@bvdep.com.

Individual company reports are publicly available from Companies House, www.companieshouse.gov.uk. This website is intended to provide basic information for employees, and should not be used for financial advice, and whilst we use official data, no guarantee can be offered for accuracy. You are advised to research any information independently before acting on it.



Tax information is drawn from the Guardian's Tax Gap series. Figures for the company accounts may not be drawn from the same reporting period or company groupings, so there may be discrepancies with the data submitted to Companies House that we use elsewhere in this tool. For more information on the taxes paid by some of the UK's top companies, and the issue of corporate tax avoidance, visit the Tax Gap site.


Stock prices

Stock price information is available through a link to the London Stock Exchange website, and is not provided by this website. This site should not be used to make judgements on company investments, and you should seek further market information before doing this.


Staff representation

This website matches companies against a subset of the PayLine database of workplace recognition agreements and conditions, which is provided by Labour Research Department. The records are not complete though, and as companies often trade under different names you may get a better result trying a wider name search with our unionfinder tool.

If you know this result to be in error, and would like to include a workplace recognition agreement where you work, please notify the Labour Research Department using this online form.

This site does not track workplace unions where there is no recognition deal already in place. Recognition is the formal term for an agreement between a union and employer to negotiate certain workplace issues, for example, pay, or health and safety. Unions may be active where you work though without having a full recognition agreement. It's always best to join a union with recognition status, as they will be able to do more for you at the workplace, but there are still many benefits to joining a relevant union even without recognition.



News results are drawn from Google News, on a search for the company's registered name. Links are to external sites and we can't guarantee the relevance or accuracy of stories found here.


Holding companies

Companies often split into several entities for legal or financial reasons, and so there can be many companies as part of the same family. This entity is listed as a holding company of this company. You can find out more about holding companies at the Wikipedia entry.



Companies often split into several entities for legal or financial reasons, and so there can be many companies as part of the same family. These entities listed are declared as subsidiaries of this company. You can find out more about subsidiaries at the Wikipedia entry.



Shareholders are the joint owners of a company, and can be individuals or other companies. The people and entities listed are declared as shareholder of this company. You can find out more about shareholders at the Wikipedia entry.