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About this site

This site aims to provide information about companies that will interest their employees, prospective employees or employees of similar companies.

Most of this is publicly available information which companies are obliged to provide under UK accounting regulations. We’re just drawing it together into one place, and making it easy for everyone to search. Our site lets you search from basic data on over 1 million UK companies, and connects this other in-depth information on many private employers.

workSMART thinks people should know more about their employers. Of course many employers already inform their staff properly, but there are still too many practitioners of ‘mushroom management’ – those who keep staff in the dark and feed them on manure. And of course it’s always interesting to find out about prospective and rival employers.

What's new?

This feature is now in its fourth year of operation. However, we're still building and tweaking it all the time, so you will see it changing and improving over time. New things you'll see at the moment are:

  • More depth in detailed financial data. We now cover the majority of people working in the private sector, and have statistics running back further in time than before. We do it from the largest companies down though, so people in small business are still less likely to get a lot of information, sorry!
  • Newer data. We've updated most of our financial and governance data to be current as of 1 August 2009 (check info below for more detail). Our core companies' data is now more responsive as it is being drawn from a live search of the Companies House database, not updated once a year.
  • More interesting corporate governance data - we can now show you more links between major shareholders' holdings in UK companies.
  • Tax information. We can show information on taxes paid by the UK's 100 top companies, thanks to a link up with the Guardian's Tax Gap project.
  • Other little tweaks, bug fixes and extra info, which our users have been very helpful in pointing out to us!
  • Oh, and a cartoon dog...

We hope you enjoy using the site, and if you find out something you didn’t know, then we’re happy to have done our job. If you've any more comments on how we could improve it, we'd love to hear at companies@worksmart.org.uk.


The data from this site is provided by a number of third party sources. Basic data on all UK companies is provided under licence by Companies House, using a live search of their database of company returns. Depending on when in the year companies reported their latest results, we may have information from them on different financial years or different periods. If you would like to access a full scanned copy of company’s full annual reports, you can find the Companies House website at www.companieshouse.gov.uk.

Financial data and other in-depth data from this site are provided under licence by Bureau Van Dijk, as a subset of the FAME UK & Ireland company information database. The data is supplied as a snapshot, updated annually. The last update was 1 August 2009, so this site will not reflect changes to FAME since that date. For up to the minute financial data, information on more companies, and much more extensive categories of information, visit www.bvdep.com or e-mail dan.white@bvdep.com. There may be gaps in financial data reported by companies, which will show up in the historical graphs. Other company reports may also not be complete, so different companies will have more or less information available. It's even possible you may find errors in the data, where companies have incorrectly filed their own results - we have seen this happen very rarely in the past.

Pensions detail on the largest companies is provided by TUC PensionsWatch, from the annually published report into the FTSE 100 companies. This information was published in September 2005, so pension schemes may have changed significantly since then.

Staff representation data is taken from the UnionScope project. If you know of information not included here, you can add it to the database yourself (thanks for your help!) at https://www.tuc.org.uk/unionscope.

Terms of use

This website is intended to provide basic information for employees, and should not be used for financial advice. Whilst we do use official data, no guarantee can be offered for accuracy. You are advised to research any information independently before acting on it.

This work is copyright TUC, 2005, and data provided is under licence from Companies House and Bureau Van Dijk, and cannot be reused without separate agreement from those parties.

These terms are in addition to workSMART’s general terms of use.

Contact us

If you’ve any questions about this tool or workSMART, please email us at companies@worksmart.org.uk

We can’t help with enquiries for more information on companies though, sorry, as we’re already displaying everything we know on this site. If you’d like to know more about company data, you can contact Companies House at www.companieshouse.gov.uk or contact Bureau Van Dijk at www.bvdep.com (e-mail dan.white@bvdep.com).