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05040755 LIMITED


SIC code: 7415
Description: Management activities of holding companies

Company details

Company number: 05040755

Type of company: Private Limited Company

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Incorporation date: 11/02/2004

Status: Dissolved

Dissolution date: 19/02/2013

Previous names:



Registered office address:


Website: www.haymills.com


Accounts reference date: 31/03

Last registered accounts: 31/03/2008*

Accounts overdue: no

Accounts category: GROUP

Accounts document available: yes

Annual turnover: £181,195,000.00

Annual profit: £855,000.00

Turnover per employee: £249,236.59

Profit per employee: £1,176.07

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Historical accounts

Turnover (incomplete data)

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Profit (incomplete data)

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Number of staff: 727

Total spent on wages: £22,744,000.00

Average staff pay: £31,284.73 *

Number of directors: 5

Directors' remuneration: £215,000.00

Increase over last 3 years: 66.67%

Highest paid director's salary: £200,000.00 **

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Historical salaries

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Total Pensions Bill (incomplete data)

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Staff representation

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Sources: Companies House, Bureau Van Dijk