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What are my bosses trying to find out by using these personality tests?

Personality tests are designed to uncover what sort of personality “type” you are – whether you are a confident, assertive type; a leader; a follower; someone who likes taking the initiative; someone who is happy to let others do that. (The best known profiles are the “Myers-Briggs” ones).

There are no right or wrong answers in these tests, only honest or dishonest ones. And the experts (occupational psychologists) who structure these tests and evaluate the answers can usually tell if you are being a bit shifty. So, as with any other test or exam, try and stay calm, read the questions through, make sure you understand what the question is looking for, and try to give an honest and accurate answer. You should in due course be given the results, and an interesting insight into what you are (possibly) really like.

Of course, you may reject the findings, and not recognise the description of you that is offered. That’s fine – but your employer may take big decisions that affect you in part based on these results.