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Should I worry about what personality tests tell me?

The healthiest approach to personality tests is to be open and intellectually curious about them and their findings, but not to regard them as the gospel truth or the whole story. One of the great things about human beings is our almost infinite complexity and variety. No-one can be reduced to a label such as “leader” or “guardian” or “extrovert” or whatever. There is more to us – all of us – than that. That said, it may be refreshing to hear different opinions about yourself and your personality. Think of it all as a bit of free analysis!

The only really worrying part is when managers take business decisions based solely on the results of personality tests. They should never be used on their own, and in isolation from other normal management decision-making processes. Personality tests do not measure people’s real-world performance or potential. They should not be used on their own as a way of identifying candidates for redundancy, for example.