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How should I prepare before taking a personality test?

In one sense no preparation is required. You already have everything you need to take the test: you. But in fact you can prepare to give the best and most accurate answers by clearing your head and staying calm. The personality test could in fact prove quite stimulating, as it may ask you things you have never really thought about before. “Do you prefer to plan ahead or act on your instincts?”, “Do you like entering a room full of people, or does it make you uncomfortable?”, “do you prefer to work in team or alone?” – this sort of thing.

Remember, there should be no “right” or “wrong” answer, only the one that accurately reflects your view. Don’t try and second guess the question-setter. A properly conducted personality test is just trying to find out more information about you so that managers can take better decisions. It needn’t be a completely terrifying or negative experience.