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Do I have any comeback on decisions taken on the basis of personality tests?

Good managers use personality tests as just one part of the evidence-gathering process before talking a decision. In the worst case scenario, it is unlikely that an employment tribunal would be very impressed by a management that had relied entirely on the evidence of personality tests to get rid of people or promote one person over another.

So be confident, and stand your ground. Don’t let your bosses bamboozle you with psycho-babble and pseudo-science: unless they are trained occupational psychologists (a seven year training) they won’t really know what they are talking about. The tests tend to encourage you to give yes/no answers to questions, when the honest answer might be “maybe” or “perhaps” or “sometimes”. So the potential for error and inaccuracy is built in to them.

Also, your mood at the time you take the test may well affect your answers. So if the results suggest you are a negative or pessimistic person, for example, you could challenge these findings too.